The Story behind the name

Between 813–833, Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi had presented his famous work that represented modern Algebra to the world. He wrote in his introduction

“…encouraged me to compose a short work on Calculating by (the rules of) Completion and Reduction, confining it to what is easiest and most useful in arithmetic, such as men constantly require in cases of inheritance, legacies, partition, law-suits, and trade, and in all their dealings with one another, or where the measuring of lands, the digging of canals, geometrical computation, and other objects of various sorts and kinds are concerned

Since then, the word Khwarizm or Algorithm has been known for finding the solution we face daily.

Our goal and purpose is to find the wright Khwarizm to allow businesses to make their data processing Easier, Simpler, Safer, and Faster. That was the goal of the founder of modern Algebra.

The new implementation

Since our startup, Khwarizm Consulting went in the direction of working on solving critical business problems. Problems where customers could not easily find a cost-effective approach to solve their data processing problems.

We allowed customers to utilize their data better and optimize the processing of a large amount of data without losing control over their targets.

We started by allowing the customer to understand how to make their systems run faster and avoid bottlenecks then later integrate business data into faster results and insights.

Our profile of services is written to tell our success stories. This is a better way to say how we could help our future clients.


We are working to bring more prosperity to people, community and environment. Putting people first.

We are a People First, People Focused company.


  • We aim to be recognized as a trusted source of advice and service.
  • We focus on being an attractive point for talents and expertise rather than just employees.
  • We are working on enhancing and building business solutions for complex situations.
  • We are paying back to our community and environment, which makes them prosper.