From Consulting to Creation: Innovative Software Solutions Born from Real-World Needs.*

We don’t just deliver solutions, we spark innovation. We go beyond traditional IT consulting by actively listening to our customers’ challenges and transforming their needs into cutting-edge software products. Explore our solutions and discover how we bridge the gap between everyday problems and powerful technological advancements. By choosing our products, you’re not just investing in technology, you’re investing in a future where innovation drives success.

Innovation, Expertise, Impact: The Powerhouse Behind Our Software Solutions.

Tired of bulky operating systems slowing down your business?

Memphis Linux is the lightweight, lightning-fast solution you’ve been waiting for. Engineered for efficiency and security, Memphis delivers a streamlined desktop experience that empowers your team to work smarter and faster.

Elevate Customer Relationships with SuiteCRM: Your All-in-One Solution

SuiteCRM empowers you to cultivate stronger, more meaningful connections with your customers. Imagine a platform that centralizes all your customer data, automates workflows, and equips your team with the tools to nurture relationships and drive sales. SuiteCRM makes that vision a reality.

Out of the problems we had solved our products were born

Even the bitterest fruit has sugar in it.

– Terry a O’Neal

The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.

– Molière

* Most of the products here are based on open source technologies and are licensed under GPL or similar licenses. We customized them to meet customers needs