Organizations need to protect their data against internal and external data breaches. Standards and regulations such as ISO 27001 and 27002, PCI, GDPR, Basel, SOX, HIPPA, and others have set the bases for organizations to further protecting their corporate data.

Khwarizm Consulting works closely with its customers to comply with data security standards and regulations. We provide a comprehensive approach ranging from architecture design to the implementation of the purposed solution. 

Our data security offering includes:

Data Encryption: transparent data encryption, wallet management, network encryption, RADIUS, Kerberos, and SSL authentication. 

Data Redaction:  Enables you to mask (redact) data that is returned from queries issued by applications.

Label Security: secures database tables at the row-level, allowing you to filter user access to row data based on privileges. 

Database Vault: fine-grained access control to your sensitive data, including protecting data from privileged users. 

Audit Vault: consolidate audit log from sources such as Database audit trail tables, operating system, and database redo logs.