With the growing demand for adapting Cloud (Public/Private/Hybrid) customer faces many challenges to have the maximum benefits from the Cloud. Oracle is providing Cloud solution for both RISC(SPARC) and CISC (Intel) platforms. Using one tool (Enterprise manager Cloud Control) customer can build pure PaaS, DBaS, SaaS, IaaS.

Khwarizm Consulting with its experience in different Oracle products can help its customers to implement their DBaS, PaaS, IaaS/IaaS+ for their Private Cloud environments. That can extend to even using MS-Windows and VMWare on x86 Virtualisation. ‘Oracle offer more than 100+ different templates that offer IaaS/IaaS+/DBaS/PaaS.

Khwarizm Consulting services for customers covers the following areas:-

  • Building native DBaS, TaaS, SaaS.
  • Building native PaaS
  • Building native IaaS/IaaS+
  • Building Self-Service and Charge back dash boards.
  • Assembly Builder for VM templates