One of the challenging problems in acquiring Oracle Engineered systems is pre and post implementation steps is to smoothly run the new system. The problems become harder when your existing infrastructure is not running Linux on x86 or on SPARC. Khwarizm Consulting can work starting from the planning phase to acquire the system till the last step in migrating your existing environment. Even if your moving from non oracle products, i.e AIX, HP/UX, mainframe, DB2 , MSSQL. Some cases may be zero down time migration for critical systems and controlled project budgeting. We had found that moving customers from their legacy systems to new Oracle Engineered systems even easier when it is a zero-down-time (99.99% availability)


Oracle Engineered Systems Services


  • Planning and Capacity Sizing
  • Zero Down Time Migration
  • Performance Optimisations
  • Tuning
  • Training, OU and Custom.

The constraints appear when questions like the following arise:-

  • How could we move our big-endian database to Exadata?
  • What about moving non-Oracle database to Oracle on Exadata?
  • What if the database was not tested on Oracle RAC running on Linux x64?
  • Can we move our database to Exadata with minimum impact on our business?
  • What if the databases was not running on 11gR2/12c?
  • How could we check for query execution plan changes even before Exadata is up and running?
  • What about Indexes, can space saved or will that impact performance?
  • How could we benchmark the expected performance and throughput without moving the production stage first?
  • How to manage Monitoring, Operation and Backup for OS and Database?

All the above question are not addressed by the standard configuration service provide by Oracle when you purchase it.

Khwarizm Consulting have the answer for each of these question and can help you integrate your new Exadata into your environment easily with no headache and long running project planning and management. We do it all. You receive your new database on Exadata configured, tuned with almost zero application down time, if required.