Middle East Government, 2016


Middle East Government had an implementation of Oracle E-business Suite in order to automate business operations across government entities.
The current implementation had drawbacks of having no methods of data recovery in case of failure. As well as, no high availability neither on the database, nor on the application level. Another challenge was being faced, was that the system will soon have to be publicly available on the internet for recruitment purposes, thus requiring the current system to be extended to have external users use iRecruitment module, while ensuring the security of the internal modules.


Khwarizm Consulting assisted the government address the above challenges through the following:

  • Performed the backup system evaluation, and provided recommendations on how to rectify the existing backup strategy
  • Developed and deployed a new backup strategy for the three environments, then completed multiple testing cycles for backup, and recovery of all databases.
  • Deployed Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) integrated with Symantec Backup Exec tape library to backup these databases. The use of multiple backup channels, RMAN catalog enabled the
    company to meet their business guidelines and maintenance windows.
  • Introduced high availability through migration of the current configuration from single instance to RAC architecure consisting of 2 nodes.
  • Implemented Demilitarized Zone(DMZ) configuration on Oracle E-business Suite to securely expose an external node with iRecruitment implemented on it, to allow external users to use iRecruitment over the internet.


Fresh Electric, 2016


Fresh planned to move from the current production database to Amazon on Intel, and they needed a proactive performance management solution that enables businesses to fully assess the outcome of a system changes, in order to decide if it is worth it to move to Amazon.


Using oracle real application testing  (RAT) feature, we captured workload from the current production server and we simulated the same workload on Amazon. This workload included application patches and OLTP transactions.

As a result, the workload was being performed better on Amazon, which assisted the customer to decide a major business change using Oracle RAT  feature, which is  extremely cost-effective and easy-to use compared with any other workbench.

Oracle University

  • Khwarizm helps a major Retail (South Africa) to finalize a hand over a cloud solution based on Oracle Exalogic in 3 Days! Using Oracle official curriculum for Exalogic OU training. South Afica, 2012
  • Khwarizm to uncover what was thought be a black box to a leader bank in south Africa, May 2013
  • Khwarizm to deliver a successful Exadata training for one of the largest universites in Africa with over then 300,000 students, June 2013.
  • Khwarizm helps a two world wide Telecom Operators to unleash the Exadata capabilities in 4 days, March 2014